Continued urgency from both governments is needed to meet their 2019 commitments to accelerate phosphorus reduction to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.
  • Video Series
    On World Water Day 2017, LWIC launched a video series highlighting the relationships three First Nations have with Lake Winnipeg and the environmental challenges they face.
  • Our Vision
    Our sacred waters are healthy, traditional livelihoods are restored and Indigenous perspectives are influential in leading the protection and sustainability of Lake Winnipeg as a source of life for all future generations.

First Nations We work With Participate on Our Steering Committee

  • Fact:
    The Lake Winnipeg watershed is the second largest watershed in Canada and includes parts of 4 provinces and 4 US states
    "We're very concerned about the state and future of the lake, we don't want another great lakes situation."
    - Loretta Mowatt (North Basin Representative)
  • Fact:
    The Nelson River is the single outflow of Lake Winnipeg and has been regulated for hydroelectric power since the mid-1970s
    “We need to start to develop a strategy with our communities to come together to start focusing on projects and do our own reports and summaries from the perspective of our communities.”
    - Gord Bluesky (South Basin Representative)
  • Fact:
    The health of Lake Winnipeg has been in decline over the last 40 years as a result of nutrient loading causing harmful algal blooms, climate change, aquatic invasive species, and modified lake levels.
    “There’s a lot of focus on the physical health of the lake, the recreational value, the economic impacts, but not a lot about spiritually, the impacts of not having clean water.”
    - Heidi Cook (Misipawistik Cree Nation)

The Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective represents the Indigenous voice for Lake Winnipeg. With administrative support from the Lake Winnipeg Foundation and through a collective governance model, we are embracing our responsibility to protect and preserve the lands and waters of our Nations and are working collaboratively towards restoring the health of our sacred lake for future generations.