Wat-er You-th Learning about Lake Winnipeg – Contest

Water youth learning about Lake Winnipeg contest graphic

Who Can enter: Youth under the age of 25.  

Why enter: Lake Winnipeg is home to many people and species. As a collective we all have a voice in the protection of the life blood of Mother Earth. The more we know about our relatives the more we come to appreciate their place along side us in this fight for our water.  

How to enter: Submit a video with at least 4 facts of each western scientific information and Indigenous knowledge on ONE of our relatives (Cedar, Moose, Geese, Pickerel etc.) that calls Lake Winnipeg home. This would require some research (There is a space on registration to source your research) and asking your grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, parents. Submit a video on any platform you have available to you and send it to us via email, text message, or tag us on Facebook/Instagram.

What the judges are looking for: Creativity in production, use of indigenous languages, online registration form filled out, use of storytelling, at least 8 “facts” (with a mixutre of Sciencetific facts and Indigenous knowledge) of a species that calls Lake Winnipeg home.  

Deadline: May 31, 2020 by midnight 

For more information contact: Rebecca Sinclair email: rebecca (at) lwic.org or Phone: 204-802-1004


1st place: Your choice of iPad or Laptop (Retail value approximately $500)  

Runner Up: Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective T-shirt 


Fill out our online contest registration form today!

To help you get started:

Knowledge Keepers: Gordon and Madeline Walker – found through Facebook – Friends in common Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective

Science Sites:

  1. BioKids Critter Catalog
  2. Canadian Wildlife Federation
  3. Canadian Geographic

Digital Storytelling: Check out this iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners video from Ryan Camp

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