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Youth Land Based Camp

September 1st – 7th, 2019 in Norway House Cree Nation - Molson Lake


The Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective youth camp will bring together Indigenous youth from around Lake Winnipeg to learn about how the sacred waters provide for cultural, spiritual, and recreational needs of First Nations communities. Youth will have the opportunity to catch and dress fish, enjoy traditional foods and cultural ceremonies, and discover ways to work in their own communities to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.  For those pursuing post-secondary education, the experience will be a...

Pimachiowin Aki nominated area

"The Indigenous views of mother earth as a living, breathing, identity may help save Lake Winnipeg, the boreal forest, and ultimately, the entire planet. 

This is a current and critical subject of national and international importance. Lake Winnipeg, the Boreal Forest, global environment and the future of humanity are all ongoing matters of public interest and concern. Future media attention on these issues is almost certain. As the world teeters on the brink of environmental collapse, this story examines people who respect the indigenous worldview that the Earth is our mother, the rivers...

LWIC Gathering Misipawistik Camp

First Nations surrounding Lake Winnipeg who are committed to participating in the decision-making of LWIC are invited to participate on our steering committee.  LWIC acts as a watchdog for Lake Winnipeg and provides First Nations with many resources.


  • Receive plain-language information and updates on emerging issues and legislation changes which could impact Lake Winnipeg or the resources it provides
  • Access resources from the LWIC Coordinator (assistance with funding proposals, information briefs, submissions to parliament)
  • Develop and participate in projects to help restore the health...
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