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As we corner our conversation on women, we understand that women have an intimate relationship with water. As such, women carry particular teachings and ceremonies that reflect this intimacy. Join us as we share our knowledge and understanding of water from our different perspectives. We will create a virtual space through our discussion to explore our collective in the role in water protection.

"Our people understand that the earth is a woman – Mother Earth – because from her comes all living things. Water is her lifeblood. It flows through her...

Event Update!

We will be hosting a number of workshops including Rattle teachings and making your own rattle, medicine bag teachings, coming of age teachings, water testing, a Fishing workshop by Ed Hudson, a video presentation by Kevin Settee and a wild rice cooking workshop!

**All materials will be mailed to you (PLEASE REGISTER BY FEBRUARY 5, 2021 TO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE KIT)

On top of all these fun activities, there will be many raffle prizes to be won!

Sneak peek of Raffle Prizes 1 and 2 Love Print and Grandmothers Print both painted by Jackie Traverse

Make sure to register before...



Youth Land Based Camp

September 1st – 7th, 2019 in Norway House Cree Nation - Molson Lake


The Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective youth camp will bring together Indigenous youth from around Lake Winnipeg to learn about how the sacred waters provide for cultural, spiritual, and recreational needs of First Nations communities. Youth will have the opportunity to catch and dress fish, enjoy traditional foods and cultural ceremonies, and discover ways to work in their own communities to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.  For those pursuing post-secondary education, the experience will be a...

Minister McKenna, 2017

On July 24, LWIC elder William Abraham, offered an opening prayer in his traditional language before Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced that the federal government will invest $25.7 million in the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program. This program will focus on three priorities, according to ECCC’s press release:

  • Reducing nutrient pollution
  • Enhancing collaboration to protect freshwater quality throughout the Lake Winnipeg basin
  • Strengthening collaborative-governance opportunities and supporting enhanced engagement of Indigenous peoples in addressing...
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