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Lake Winnipeg Foundation

LWIC is supported through a strategic partnership with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF) which currently provides administrative resources and coordination. LWF is an environmental, non-governmental organization working collaboratively with non-profit, academic, industry and government sectors, First Nations and the public to restore and protect Lake Winnipeg and its watershed. LWF advances collaborative efforts in research, public education, policy and stewardship. LWF aims to support, and learn from, diverse voices speaking on behalf of a healthy Lake Winnipeg.

LWIC and LWF share the common goal of restoring the health of Lake Winnipeg. LWF currently provides LWIC with staff support, administrative and project management, grant writing, facilitation of partnerships and scientific and regulatory expertise. LWF does not speak on LWIC’s behalf; LWIC’s positions, projects and direction are decided by the LWIC steering committee. The partnership between LWIC and LWC is unique and evolving over time, with the ultimate goal that LWIC is established as a strong, independent organization representing First Nations perspectives through collective governance.





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    Brokenhead Ojibway Nation                Norway House Cree Nation                Pinaymootang First Nation                             


Government of Manitoba     Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance

           Government of Manitoba                                            Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance


Northern Manitoba Food Culture and Community Collaborative             Center for Environmental Cooperation

                   NMFCCC                                                   Commission for Environmental Cooperation

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