LWIC Gathering Misipawistik Camp

First Nations surrounding Lake Winnipeg who are committed to participating in the decision-making of LWIC are invited to participate on our steering committee.  LWIC acts as a watchdog for Lake Winnipeg and provides First Nations with many resources.


  • Receive plain-language information and updates on emerging issues and legislation changes which could impact Lake Winnipeg or the resources it provides
  • Access resources from the LWIC Coordinator (assistance with funding proposals, information briefs, submissions to parliament)
  • Develop and participate in projects to help restore the health of the lake and to build awareness for the impacts it faces
  • Participate in steering committee meetings to learn from other First Nations, share success stories and expertise
  • Host on-the-ground projects and outreach activities in your community 
  • Access presentations and information packages developed by the LWIC Coordinator
  • Access training opportunities, conferences, and webinars (scheduled as needed)
  • Receivie advocacy from the collective to influence policy decisions around Lake Winnipeg
  • Profile your community on the LWIC website to share success stories or environmental challenges
  • Amplify your voice to help protect and restore Lake Winnipeg

First Nations participating on LWIC agree to:

  1. Provide in-kind donations (services, meeting space, volunteer hours) as required
  2. Provide a signed BCR stating support for the collective (Template available on request)
  3. Appoint 1-2 people from the First Nation as contacts who are responsible for standing on the steering committee, participating in decision-making, and who embrace their responsibility to protect Lake Winnipeg.

 Please contact the LWIC director to join.

All First Nations community members are invited to share their knowledge and experiences at our gatherings. Sign up to our e-updates to find out when LWIC will be gathering near you. 


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