Pimachiowin Aki- The Living Earth

Pimachiowin Aki nominated area

"The Indigenous views of mother earth as a living, breathing, identity may help save Lake Winnipeg, the boreal forest, and ultimately, the entire planet. 

This is a current and critical subject of national and international importance. Lake Winnipeg, the Boreal Forest, global environment and the future of humanity are all ongoing matters of public interest and concern. Future media attention on these issues is almost certain. As the world teeters on the brink of environmental collapse, this story examines people who respect the indigenous worldview that the Earth is our mother, the rivers lifeblood flowing in her veins, and the plants and animals our brothers and sisters. By looking at the world this way, these people help preserve the environment around them and across the planet, and therefore hold the key to humanity's survival. 

Two-thirds of this story looks at Poplar River band member Sophia Rabliauskas and the effort her community is leading to protect a large part of the Boreal Forest in and around their traditional territory. Ms. Rabliauskas is a 2007 Goldman Environmental Award recipient. She has helped her Band prevent any damaging development to their land and is now spearheading an attempt to get the combined traditional territories of Poplar River and three other bands designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site. While there has been and likely will continue to be considerable media attention surrounding this attempt to secure World Heritage status, Sophia Rabliauskas and the Poplar River First Nation chose the Sharing Circle as the show they trusted to tell their story. " - The Sharing Circle 

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