LWIC submits responses to federal environmental regulatory review

Federal environmental regulatory review

In 2016, the Government of Canada began it's review of key federal environmental regulatory processes.This review was based on changes made in 2012 through the two key environmental regulations: the Fisheries Act, and the Navigation Protection Act. Two environmental regulatory processes were also reviewed including the National Energy Board and the Environmental Assessment process. LWIC participated by submitting parliamentary briefs on the two environmental regulations. LWIC's position on the Navigation Protection Act focused on restoring protections  to all lakes and rivers in Canada from industrial impacts, since the entire earth is an interconnected ecosystem, while ensuring that the regulatory regime does not lie in the hands of project proponents. LWIC's submission on the Fisheries Act focused on strengthening fish habitat protections, and reinstating no net-loss fish habitat policies. This position aligns with LWIC's vision that sacred waters remain a source of life for all future generations.

Download the LWIC submissions below or contact us for more info:

PDF icon fisheries_act_submission.pdf

PDF icon navigation_protection_act_submission.pdf



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