FRCN Fish and Fish habitat survey project

FRCN Fish Habitat Project, July 2017

From July 17th- 20th, LWIC, in partnership with Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN), completed the first phase of the Fish and Fish Habitat Survey Project. This project, funded by the Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance, aims to collect traditional and local knowledge, stories, and testimonies about how fish habitat is being impacted in and around Lake Winnipeg and to summarize the findings into a report to leverage policy makers on key issues from an Indigenous perspective. Additionally, this project aims to identify areas where habitat protections or restoration may be beneficial for spawning in and around Lake Winnipeg. 

LWIC Community tour of FRCN, July 2017

Over the three days, 83 knowledgable FRCN community members, including fishers, their helpers, and elders, were interviewed on impacts to fish, their habitats, and the water quality in both Fisher River and Lake Winnipeg. A community tour was also conducted to map local creeks and structures where fish spawning habitat has historically been impacted.

It is anticipated that a summary of the findings will be made available to LWIC and FRCN in November, 2017.  

Fisher bay, Fisher River Cree Nation

Meegwetch to all the enthusiastic FRCN community members who participated in sharing their knowledge and experiences for this project and to Councillor Vince Crate, Stella Walker, Betsy Saunders, and Kirsten Bouchey for their hard work and continuous support throughout the week. 

This project is supported through funding from the Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance, a research and advocacy group of the University of Manitoba, and in partnership with the Fisher River Cree Nation. 

                            Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance

Fisher River Cree Nation


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