February 2018

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Pimachiowin Aki nominated area

"The Indigenous views of mother earth as a living, breathing, identity may help save Lake Winnipeg, the boreal forest, and ultimately, the entire planet. 

This is a current and critical subject of national and international importance. Lake Winnipeg, the Boreal Forest, global environment and the future of humanity are all ongoing matters of public interest and concern. Future media attention on these issues is almost certain. As the world teeters on the brink of environmental collapse, this story examines people who respect the indigenous worldview that the Earth is our mother, the rivers...

From March 21-22nd, LWIC will be conducting a project interviewing fishers and knowledge holders in Pinaymootang First Nation. This project is supported by the Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance. Please click below for more details.

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LWIC Touring Poplar River First Nation

On January 29th-31st, 2018, LWIC representatives gathered in Poplar River First Nation. At this gathering, LWIC planned projects and priority actions for 2018, toured the community, heard from Elder Able Bruce on the changes to Lake Winnipeg over the years, and participated in ceremony. At this gathering, LWIC also strengthed its governance by approving an internal communications policy.

The priority actions that arose from this gathering and that will be the focus of 2018-2019 include: 

  • Creating posters to increase education awareness of the sacredness of Lake Winnipeg
  • Develop a community...