July 2017

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LWIC Fish Habitat

From July 17th-20th, LWIC will be conducting an assessment of the impacts to fish and fish habitat by interviewing local knowledge holders in Fisher River Cree Nation. This project is in partnership with the Fisher River Cree Nation and supported through the generous funding of the Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance. 

If you are a FRCN band member, and are currently (or have been) a commercial fisher, or you are a community knowledge holder with a STRONG knowledge of how fish and fish habitat have changed over time in the FRCN territory, please come to the community hall on July 17th to register for...

Minister McKenna, 2017

On July 24, LWIC elder William Abraham, offered an opening prayer in his traditional language before Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced that the federal government will invest $25.7 million in the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program. This program will focus on three priorities, according to ECCC’s press release:

  • Reducing nutrient pollution
  • Enhancing collaboration to protect freshwater quality throughout the Lake Winnipeg basin
  • Strengthening collaborative-governance opportunities and supporting enhanced engagement of Indigenous peoples in addressing...
FRCN Fish Habitat Project, July 2017

From July 17th- 20th, LWIC, in partnership with Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN), completed the first phase of the Fish and Fish Habitat Survey Project. This project, funded by the Wa-Ni-Ska-Tan Hydro Alliance, aims to collect traditional and local knowledge, stories, and testimonies about how fish habitat is being impacted in and around Lake Winnipeg and to summarize the findings into a report to leverage policy makers on key issues from an Indigenous perspective. Additionally, this project aims to identify areas where habitat protections or restoration may be beneficial for spawning in...

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